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Step 3: Patience

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People buy and build hot rods at all stages of life. Some stages make it a lot easier than others to progress that pile of parts and panels under the tarp at the back of the carport than others. There are many life events that are only too willing to rob you of valuable construction time or dollars.

Like sports, travel, engagements, marriage, houses, kids. No matter what stage your at you need to take these things into consideration. It is a healthy balance between all your activities that will win the day.

So if you can have a look into the future, what can you do now and what can be put off till later. A classic example is a guy who has a steel body in need of some TLC, he knows he has 2 years to finish his body work. Rather than put it into a shop and probably be charged top dollar our friend enrolls in a Panel Beating Course at the local TAFE, taking along his panels as class projects. Instead of a bill for a $1000, it's only cost him $250 in fees and he's got a freshly repaired set of guards

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