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Step 2: Buy your ROD

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There's a couple of different stages which the car you buy could be in and depending upon the stage as to the amount of work that you will have ahead.

Original Car

For rodders who want steel bodies. You many be lucky enough to pick your next project right out of the paddock or shed from where it has spent some considerable time just waiting for you to come along. Probably the biggest sport amongst hot roddders is spotting vintage tin. With many wasted weekends following leads from some guy in a pub or service station who knows some guy, who knows some guy that has this old car. Or just cruising the back roads looking for old car grave yards. These are the cars that usually require the most work (read, time and money) but are usually fairly cheap to get into. These are also the cars you see dragged along to the swap meets, although in smaller numbers these days. Also in this category are all the imports from the States, usually California and Texas where the climate is a lot drier and the bodies are still in reasonable condition. They may still require replacement or patch panels, repairs and modifications. Factor all of this into the total cost and that other body for an extra grand all of a sudden becomes more attractive.

Look for cars with all the pieces and parts there, such as door handles, bumpers and brackets, window trims. This will save you a small fortune in time and effort later on.

Reproduction Body

You may have the luxury of ordering the body style you want all steeled out and ready for paint. All the body modifications done, hidden hinges, burstproof locks, etc. But this convenience comes at a price.

Unfinished Project

This can be a very good way to buy a hot rod, with some other guy having done all the hard work or spent all his money and then loosing interest in finishing the car. These cars require just a close inspection. as you have to be happy with what ever has been done so far, other wise there is even more work for you.

See Cost - Buy vs Build
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