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Tips and Traps

Here's some great pieces of advice to take into consideration when building or buying a hot rod.


  • Make sure to contact the Australian Street Rod Technical Advisory Committee in your State.
  • Before getting work done by anyone, check out some of their previous work and speak to some of their customers.
  • Spend more for a beter car and it will save you money in the long run
  • Go to as many car shows, rod runs and cruise nights as you can.
  • Get as many opinions as you can, ask questions
  • Visit other shops and compare prices
  • Spec your rod to the finest detail, this will help you when it comes time to build.
  • Try to buy as many parts as you can from the one source, you may get a discount, certainly get better service and you'll also know where to take things back to if you have a problem.


  • Buying an unfinished project can sometimes lead to more work.
  • If you are getting work done and they require a deposit, take your business elsewhere.
  • The lowest price, isn't necessarily the best price. Especially where there is a high labour content
  • Don't buy expensive wheels and tyres or gauges and stereo gear until you need it .
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