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  • Wayne Crumblin, Avgas Autos, Ph:1800 246 624


  • Canberra Rod And Kustom Kruise (CRAKK) - January
  • Canberra Auto Jumble - September
  • Blue Moon Cruise Night - September
  • American Car Nationals - September
  • Classic Chev Nationals and 24th National Chevrolet Festival - October

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AREA: 2,538 sq. km.
CAPITAL: Canberra (300,000)

Australian Capital Territory at a glance

LOCATION: In the South-eastern area of New South Wales. CLIMATE: Highest temp. 42.2 C and -110, both recorded in Canberra. The ACT has a high rainfall with cold spells in winter due to its proximity to the Australian Alps.

The Federation of Australian States came to fruition in 1901 and until then the representatives of the various states met in Melbourne, Victoria. The site for Canberra was chosen in 1908, resolving a long running debate about where the National Capital should be located. The main rivals were Sydney and Melbourne, and the midway choice of The A,C.T. and Canberra was a diplomatic compromise. A competition for the design of the new city was held, and architect Walter Burley Griffin, an American, won the right to plan the city. He designed a city with spacious areas of parkland and a circular layout around the Parliamentary Centre.Newcomers to the city frequently get confused at the circular flow of streets, however the design makes for easy access to all parts of the city and, once you are used to it, it is easy to navigate. A feature of the city is a lake, Lake Burley Griffin, which is 11 km. long.

It was not until 1927 the first parliament sat in Canberra in the old Parliament House, which was replaced in 1988 by the new building behind it.
Besides being the parliamentary capital of Australia, Canberra is also the repository of much of its history and art. Here you will find the National Gallery, the National Library, the National Science and Technology centre and many other national treasures, a full list will be found at the 'The Aussie Traveller'site under States/the ACT.
Canberra is also easily accessible. Only 50 kilometres from the Hume Highway between Melbourne and Sydney, and only 270 from Sydney, it has a large domestic airport and daily train and coach services. It is without doubt a place you must visit on your Australian touring holiday and one all Australians can be proud of.

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